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A new type of all computer high-speed automatic printing and slotting machine has been launched. Recently, a company in Qingdao has developed a new type of all computer high-speed automatic printing and slotting machine with domestic advanced level, striving to break through a batch of key new material machines. Antibacterial plastics have been used in the market for a long time.

after the identification of relevant experts, it is agreed that because it adopts a new paper kicking mechanism, it solves the printing defect of warped paperboard. Its printing part adopts a high-precision roller ink transfer structure, and a hanging type printing roller, which can change the plate quickly, with accurate alignment, neat and stable slotting and pressing line. The variety is changed quickly, and the automatic paper receiving mechanism is equipped, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of manual operation. In addition, the machine also adopts PNC computer adjustment system, and the whole machine is automatically connected to the line. The menu can be set, equipped with advanced phase adjustment mechanism and zeroing device, and 360 ° positive and negative adjustment can be carried out. Teeth produce various types of coated fabrics. The wheel box adopts spray type automatic lubrication, and each lifting locking mechanism is pneumatically controlled. The machine is also equipped with mechanical fault alarm and safety device

the machine is guaranteed by advanced technology and is an ideal printing machine in the carton industry

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