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Xinhan launched the strong solid tablet computer MRC 1000/1100 to resist the severe industrial cold

the latest 7 strong solid tablet computer MRC 1000/1100 launched by Xinhan is designed for the harsh industrial application environment. MRC 1000/1100 meets the strong standards of military level standards, and supports 2.4/5ghz Wi Fi and 3G network connection, high availability and secure login authentication. Based on its rich optional accessories and peripheral support, MRC 1000/1100 can be widely used in mobile operations such as construction, agriculture, logistics and warehousing

this rugged tablet computer MRC 1000/1100 is designed for harsh environments, meets 810f military standards and IP65 protection grade, and provides a 4-foot fall protection. Shock absorbers are installed at the four corners. When the body is used in a multi injury environment, the market competitiveness will also be further improved. The use of this device can effectively reduce the damage caused by impact and fall. MRC 1000/1100 can operate normally in the environment of sudden impact, vehicle vibration, wind, sand, dust and heavy rain. MRC 1100 has anti reflection function and supports reading in sunlight, which is very suitable for outdoor applications

in order to transmit data instantly, this rugged tablet computer MRC 1000/1100 supports wireless 2.4/5ghz Wi Fi and optional 3.5G network, and can be connected to the on-board computer through Bluetooth. MRC 1000/1100 is equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard and touch screen, which is convenient for users to enter data. Its built-in 2million pixel front camera is convenient for users to take photos, and it is equipped with a strip scanner and a magnetic stripe reader. MRC 1000/1100 supports up to 64GB storage and provides fingerprint authentication login to ensure the security of stored data

if you need more equipment, you can connect the MRC 1000/1100 with an optional charging base. This material is also used to connect the mobile charging battery of greenpack, a Berlin manufacturer. This base has multiple i/o ports, which can meet more application needs. In addition, its anti shock and anti-seismic functions enable the body to ensure its safety even when charging. The service time of MRC 1000/1100 battery is 3 hours, and can be extended by hot plug external battery for 7 to 11 hours

main features

7 WVGA TFT LCD, LED backlight

readable LCD display in sunlight (MRC 1100)

full QWERTY keyboard, with number keys

built-in fingerprint reader, Ensure data security

support high-performance dual band Wi Fi

optional gsm/gprs/hspa/CDMA

support hot plug peripheral battery holder

comply with IP65 and mil-std-810f certification

ordering information

MRC 1000 (p/n: 10ux0)

7 rigid tablet, Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor/32GB SSD/2GB memory/4-wire touch screen/Wi Fi/Bluetooth

mrc 1100 (p/n: 10ux0)

7 rugged tablet, Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor/64GB ssd/2GB memory/readable touch screen in the sun/4-wire resistive touch screen/Wi Fi/Bluetooth/GPS/WWAN

optional accessories

MTK 10 DTC desktop bracket (p/n: 10uk10dtc00x0)

MTK 10 VMC vehicle bracket (p/n: 10uk10vmc00x0)

MTK 10 SBC 4-Slot battery charging (p/n: 10uk10sbc00x0)

auxiliary battery pack 3s3p/42whr (p/particles with different components will show different colors n: 4ztsa1291x00)

auxiliary battery pack 3s3p/62whr (p/n: 4ztsa, such as the casting technology of aluminum lithium alloy large flat ingot and aluminum lithium alloy round ingot 18901x00)

vehicle battery cigarette lighter (p/n: X00)

about nexcom

Xinhan Computer Co., Ltd., founded in 1992, is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, and its business division spans five application markets: industrial computer, vehicle computer, multimedia, network security and intelligent monitoring, It has subsidiaries in seven countries around the world to provide global services. Xinhan computer is specialized in the deep cultivation of the industry. At present, it is in a leading position in fan free rigid computers (nise Series), vehicle mounted computers (VTC Series), security platforms (NSA Series), multimedia (NDIS Series), etc

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