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Uncover the secrets of the new slot sensor! WFE with more comprehensive functions is strongly listed

what? After WFM, WFN, WFS and WFL, the trough family has added the latest members

what's different about it? What kind of solutions can it bring us

let's find out now and see how powerful this WFE slot sensor is

★ WFE uncover secrets ★

watch the video first

1 Shape

the newly launched WFE has a plastic ABS shell with a metal frame, which has better impact resistance, scratch resistance and heat resistance, and is more suitable for harsh environments

2. Side knob function

the selection of side accounting includes two important knobs, some of which are elastic modulus accounting setting and compliance accounting setting. One knob is used to adjust the light dark pass function, and the other knob is used to adjust the sensitivity, which can recognize even translucent objects

3. Size

wfe has five sizes to choose from, from 30mm to 180mm, without dead corners to cover the application scenarios you need

4. Parameters

wfe can detect 0.5mm objects at least, 5KHz switching frequency and push/pull output, with M8 3pin plug. At the same time, WFE with 30mm slot width also provides 2m cable selection to meet your different wiring requirements

★ application introduction ★

application 1 Bottling machine

in the application of bottling machine, the slot sensor can detect the presence of bottle cap, and then the bottling machine covers the bottle cap on the oncoming bottle

at the same time, the slot sensor can also be used to detect whether the cover is covered in the application of the key cultivation fields of the leading enterprises in this column 4

because the distance from the transmitter to the receiving end is fixed, there is no need to align, so the slot sensor is very suitable for this kind of application

wf however, due to the addition of conditioning beam, the different sizes provided by e can adapt to the size and gap requirements of any machine

The working frequency of

5khz can adapt to the fast running speed of the bottling machine

application 2 Confirm the speed or RPM of the gear

WFE can be used to detect the gear under the conveyor to confirm the speed and rpm

The output signal of

wfe is transmitted to PLC, through which the speed of the conveyor belt can be controlled, and it can also be synchronized with other equipment of the production line to realize the uniform rotation of the gear

The working frequency of

5khz and WFE of different sizes combined with push-pull output can adapt to this application in different scenarios

application 3 Positioning of stacker/crown block

wfe can detect the iron flakes on the stacker/crown block, detect the position of the stacker/crown block, and make the stacker/crown block stop at the designated place

the different sizes provided by WFE can well adapt to the application scenarios, and the solid shell can also allow WFE to be installed in different places

wfe is also applicable to different applications in different industries. We look forward to your joint exploration

whether the needle mouth is detected

whether the plug is detected

the vehicle transmission equipment is received, so the sales manager can set two lifting schemes for bit detection

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