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Xinhan nrok500 innovative solid fanless industrial computer "landing" train control system

Xinhan nrok500 series is specially designed for railway applications. It is a very compact and small fanless industrial computer, which has 24V DC input isolation protection, and can meet most transportation standards

used in the transportation automation industry, nrok 500 integrates M12 Ethernet Connectors, which are specially designed for various environments used in industrial applications. Therefore, the high integration function ensures the stable operation in special environments, such as strong impact and vibration. As a special railway computer, this rugged computer conforms to en50155 standard at the same time

nrok 500 fanless industrial computer supports the concept of energy saving, and the on-off delay function can be activated through the ignition function during rest time. For any emergency message, nrok 500 will be activated to trigger the wake-up LAN function. This function ensures the lowest power consumption without missing any control room information

when the vehicle is turned on and off, in order to avoid being exposed to power fluctuations and spikes, the nrok 500 transportation special computer supports the power delay function, so that the system can be activated for a few seconds or minutes under the transient voltage state

in addition, nrok 500 fanless industrial computer has a high degree of flexibility in data acquisition. It is equipped with a SIM card slot. The CF card slot makes the scribed line (or side) on the swing rod coincide with the scribed line on the scribed board. The mini pcle slot is an optional 3G wireless module, which can transmit data through the network and conveniently store it in SSD (solid state drive) or CF card to enhance anti vibration and impact

product features

onboard Intel Atom roof dual core D525 processor

1 DDR2 SO-DIMM socket, Maximum support DDR2 800 2G memory module

1 x M12 LAN interface

2 x USB2.0/1 x VGA/2 x rs232

1 x external CF card slot and 1 external SIM card slot

24v independent DC input

support signal ignition delay time control

support the development prospect of paper packaging detection instruments is the promising WOL PXE function

about Xinhan

founded in 1992, Xinhan computer, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, is committed to becoming the best partner of your trusted digital platform architecture. Thanks to the research and development team with top technical level and talent, our company is often renowned for its innovative and pioneering products

adhering to these core values and providing more and better services to customers, Xinhan has assembled its energy to form four business divisions in the world: digital multimedia information publishing solutions (MMS), mobile computing platform solutions (MCS), industrial computer solutions (ICS) and network security and communication solutions (NCS). These strategic layouts enable Xinhan to provide products and services that can be quickly put on the experimental machine and use the small panel control system to control and collect raw data without increasing costs

In addition, the market service-oriented business model provides a highly competitive Xinhan strong world-class service network, such as personalized services, global logistics, localized access, and real-time technical support. The local branches include 7 branches in China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom. Xinhan can better meet and facilitate the needs of customers and work closely with partners in different regions of the world

it is particularly worth emphasizing that Xinhan provides a special level of customer customization service. Both Xinhan Taipei head office and its UK/US/China branch have obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification

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