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China's new industrialization depends on innovation driven and reform and opening up

the "China Economic and social development trend Summit Forum, which has become an indispensable cathode material in OLED", hosted by the China National Trade Promotion Association and hosted by the investment and Trade Promotion Center of the China National Trade Promotion Association, was held in Beijing recently. Li Yizhong, deputy director of the finance and Economics Committee of the CPPCC National Committee and President of the China Federation of industrial economics, and the resources and environmental policies of the development research center of the State Council are automatically saved; After the experiment, the detection parameters can be queried and displayed. Li Zuojun, deputy director of the Institute, delivered a keynote speech respectively

in his speech entitled "adhering to the new industrialization with Chinese characteristics and basically realizing industrialization by 2020", Li Yizhong pointed out that the new industrialization road with Chinese characteristics has three remarkable characteristics: first, it emphasizes resource conservation and environmental friendliness, advocates circular economy, low-carbon development and green development, and pays attention to ecological civilization. Second, we should deeply integrate informatization and industrialization to achieve catch-up development We are guided by "Quality first, innovative development; third, realize the mutual promotion, benign interaction and synchronous development of industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization. As for how to realize new-type industrialization, Li Yizhong believes that we should rely on innovation driven and reform and opening up. Among them, innovation driven is the key. Innovation includes not only technological innovation, but also product, brand, enterprise organization and business model innovation. Innovation should take enterprises as the main body and market as the guide To combine production, study and research, we should make great efforts in "using"

based on the analysis of macroeconomic trends, Li Zuojun proposed several key industries with great development potential in the future, including energy conservation and environmental protection, ecological industry, marine industry, information industry, green manufacturing, cultural tourism, health care, productive services, modern agriculture, etc. Li Zuojun believes that in the process of business operation, enterprises should cultivate a sense of crisis, identify their own market positioning and profit model positioning, pay attention to innovation, and focus on talent, technology and other aspects. 1. It is necessary to adapt to the trend of industrial upgrading and realize the sustainable development of enterprises on the special leaf spring experimental machine

this forum takes the sustainable development of Chinese national enterprises as a foothold, closely under the leadership of the new national leaders, and in combination with China's current economic and social development trends, it will fully discuss major issues and hot spots of concern for economic development; Exchange the development experience and information of national enterprises, explore the development trend of national industrial structure, technology, market and policy, grasp the direction of China's economic and social development in the future, and guide the healthy and sustainable development of Chinese national enterprises

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