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The new instrument developed by Dr. zhangqingchuan can enable food on-site "security inspection"

at the Gaochun venue of the China Nanjing business Fair yesterday, 14 science and technology entrepreneurs received 1.5-3 million yuan of venture capital. Among them, Dr. zhangqingchuan's new instrument can make food on-site "security inspection", and it only costs dozens of yuan. Li Wenchao's "bionic silver carp" can kill all the cyanobacteria in deep water

Gaochun venue of Nanjing innovation and Trade Fair signed 21 major projects yesterday, with a total investment of 7.2 billion yuan in Rockwell hardness. In addition, 14 innovative and entrepreneurial talent projects were also signed on the site, of which 12 entrepreneurs received 1.5 million yuan of entrepreneurial support fund checks each, and 2 heads of "321 introduction plan" key support projects received 3million yuan of entrepreneurial support fund checks each

Dr. zhangqingchuan is excited about this. He is one of the people who have received 3million yuan of venture capital. He is developing and producing a "microbeam array immunosensor" for food "security inspection", which can detect pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, heavy metal ions, etc. Traditional food "security inspection" requires sampling and sending to the laboratory, and this new instrument is "portable" and can be directly brought to the site for operation. Moreover, this new instrument can change the detection time from the traditional two days to "immediately desirable", and the detection cost is as low as dozens of dollars

the "bionic silver carp" of Li Wenchao's master is called a large bionic cyanobacteria removal device, which "swallows" cyanobacteria and water together like a whale huffing and puffing food, and then leaves a small load of spring cyanobacteria and spits out water. It can not only remove the blue-green algae on the water surface, but also kill the blue-green algae under the water to avoid reproduction again. It is reported that the "bionic silver carp" device has been successfully developed and put on the market. It can purify water while removing cyanobacteria. In addition, the salvaged cyanobacteria can also be used as a good biological fertilizer for reuse after fermentation

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