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China's packaging machinery manufacturing is facing fierce international competition

China's packaging machinery products are facing fierce international competition due to few varieties, low technical level, poor product reliability and other reasons. Especially in the past five years, China has accelerated the development of deep processing of agricultural products, built a conservation oriented society, developed a circular economy and increased technological innovation, resulting in a new round of technology introduction climax. For example, China's total investment in deep processing of agricultural products in recent years has reached more than 32 billion yuan, and more than 80% of processing and packaging equipment is imported. R1 -- outer paper ring compression strength (n/0.152m)

packaging machinery manufacturers pay more and more attention to the development of fast and low-cost packaging equipment, which is small, flexible, multipurpose and efficient. This trend also includes saving time and reducing costs. Therefore, what the packaging industry pursues is a combined, concise and mobile packaging equipment

through imitation, introduction of technology and capital, and global procurement, China's packaging machinery manufacturing level and industrial design level have developed rapidly. Today, all the packaging experiments in China are operated by computer keyboards. Machine manufacturing enterprises can easily obtain some key parts through global procurement, so as to rapidly improve the technical level and reliability of equipment. However, the overall level is still far from that of the United States, Germany and other developed countries

nanotechnology can not only help plastic products have stronger toughness and mechanical properties

relevant experts pointed out that the packaging machinery industry still has great development potential. Domestic production enterprises must actively improve the technical level, improve the adaptability of the industry to the market through technological innovation, and better meet the needs of production and packaging

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