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China's first packaging machinery: the process of "simplifying" EVA printing and packaging equipment

click on the station of Tianjin EVA printing and packaging equipment Co., Ltd. in the column of the company's memorabilia, the successful launch of ERP in 2003 is the most landmark event in the company's history. Indeed, it was this year that the ERP process of EVA started. Everything comes from the words of the vice president of the company to Li Li, the general manager, that technological innovation is gradually moving towards industrialization: EVA now has 300 people and can achieve an output value of more than 50 million. If we use ERP, we can create an output value of 100 million or 200 million, even if the company does not increase one person, it can still do it. It was these words that finally strengthened president Li's determination to go to ERP

evergreen company is a joint venture invested and established by Taiwan Youheng Machinery Co., Ltd. in Tianjin in 1992. After only four years of development, EVA has become the first in the industry in China. By 2006, the sales volume had reached 180million and the export was more than 20 million yuan. As expected at the beginning, EVA's staff did not increase while sales increased

the distinct business philosophy of EVA in Youheng group is admirable

refined management requires system upgrading

EVA's informatization started early. In 2000, the purchase, sales and inventory system of a domestic software manufacturer has been applied in the enterprise, but due to its rapid development, many outsourcing processing businesses have been increased, thus forming a long supply chain. At the same time, like many other private enterprises, EVA's management is not standardized, resulting in many problems. As a large-scale machine manufacturing product, there are more than 20000 kinds of machine parts, including self processing, often used terms: production, subcontracting, and some direct procurement. Before becoming a finished product, product parts involve multiple production and assembly processes. The process tracking under the original system is not accurate, coupled with the complexity of manufacturing and production itself, which link the product has reached cannot be displayed. Therefore, the financial cost is inaccurate, and the cost module of the original purchase, sales and inventory system cannot be used

due to the production of parts and components as well as outsourcing and outsourcing processing of EVA machinery, EVA machinery is not only downstream of the whole supply chain, but also upstream of the whole supply chain. It is necessary to manage not only the suppliers of raw materials and finished parts, but also the production and processing Department of the enterprise itself, which requires extremely high inventory management. The original system is difficult to clearly display inventory, resulting in a large number of inventory backlog and scrap. Due to the lack of effective management means and tools, staff spend a lot of time checking accounts with suppliers every month, and wrangling phenomenon caused by inaccurate inventory data also occurs from time to time

at the same time, due to the increase in product demand, parts and semi-finished products of several specifications and models need to be sent to different outsourcing manufacturers for processing every day. Due to the large number of outsourcing manufacturers involved, it takes a lot of time for outsourcing managers to just check accounts with outsourcing manufacturers every month. Moreover, in the manual mode, current accounts often make mistakes. Once the process status of goods is described incorrectly, it will lead to significant losses

under the traditional management mode, everyone in the enterprise can handle the work according to their own wishes. For example, some warehouse managers call hexagon screws "six screws" for short, and only he can see it on the document, while others are confused. This has caused great difficulties and obstacles to the follow-up work

everything starts from the specification

due to the existence of the above problems, the informatization of EVA has been officially put on the agenda. In July 2003, the implementation of EVA informatization began. The first step of system construction is to establish basic material coding, rectify basic data and basic management. The senior management of EVA company is very clear that the reason why EVA has many confused accounts is that the company has no scientific and unified coding system. If the most basic management is not done well, the best management methods and theories are just on paper. Due to the diversity of material varieties and specifications, material codes have their own versions. At present, EVA has many laboratories in research, including all solid-state batteries. The project department has standardized the basic data, centered on basic management, and established a scientific and unified material coding system through the establishment of an information platform, so as to standardize the company's management of downstream suppliers, outsourcing plants and enterprises themselves with information means

general manager Li Li attaches great importance to the ERP project of the company. After the goal is determined, two people are transferred from each department to form a project team to take charge of the work. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the whole ERP project, she put forward "two whatevers": try to meet the needs put forward by the ERP team; All ERP training personnel who need to receive training must participate unconditionally. With the strong promotion of the top leaders of the company, the first phase of Digital China ERP easy to fly system was officially launched in January 2004, including purchase, sales and inventory, production, financial general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, etc. By the end of the first phase, the long-standing inventory problem of EVA had been effectively solved. On the basis of the implementation results of the first phase, from April to June 2005, the cost module and fixed assets module of Yifei were successfully launched, achieving effective cost statistics. Now the shipping system of each piece of goods can accurately calculate the profit of the product. When assembling finished products, operators can also check how many pieces are in stock at any time, which was unimaginable before

the perfect material management mode is the primary guarantee for on-time delivery

break the problems one by one, and the results initially appear

when talking about the experience of information management enterprises, Zhang Heng, CIO of the company, emphasized that it is precisely because of the introduction of Yifei ERP that the company has truly realized the integration of internal management, making the three flows of enterprise information flow, logistics and capital flow one. She said with great feeling, "only when all departments share resources, can the cost be really reduced."

cio Zhang Heng: "only when all departments share resources can the cost really be reduced"

as mentioned at the beginning of the article, with the use of Yifei ERP in the company, the company's human costs have been significantly reduced. Although the sales volume increased from more than 50 million in 2003 to more than 90 million in 2004, the financial personnel did not increase significantly in this case. On the contrary, the functions have been further expanded, from the control of purchase price to process control, which has completely changed the previous phenomenon of unaudited delivery orders and picking lists, inaccurate inventory, and sometimes high or low costs. Speaking of the effectiveness of Yifei ERP, manager Zhang of the finance department said, is it to change its own process according to the process of Yifei ERP, or change the process of ERP? Faced with this question, EVA asked Digital China ERP consultants for training according to their own workflow, so that employees can accept it much easier and take the initiative to adapt in the later stage. There are many secondary developments in EVA's statements, which take the planned batch number and work order number as the query basis. In terms of process, the company's production, shipment and collection system are presented in a fixed process. Every process of the enterprise has been solidified, and every department and everyone must strictly abide by it, otherwise the work can't progress at all. In this way, the problems of unclear accounts and wrong goods processing in the past no longer exist. However, EVA did not stop in front of the results. Zhang Heng said that in the next step, the company will launch PDM system, Jim ruder, senior vice president and general manager of Plastic Department of 3D systems, hopes to achieve direct growth from R & D department to production through PDM "Today's announcement provides a solution to enable customers to produce better parts faster at a lower cost. The data of the production department is transferred.

as manager Zhang of the finance department said, today, human errors are significantly reduced, and the company's management can be freely retracted and released in the system, achieving the purpose of effectively reducing costs.

Introduction to EVA packaging

EVA packaging is made by Taiwan Youheng Machinery Industry Co., Ltd Founded in 1971, the company has been committed to the design and manufacture of printing machinery for 30 years. Its products have experienced the development process of typecasting machine, offset press and post press equipment. At the end of the 1980s, EVA packaging became the most powerful automatic bronzing machine manufacturer in Taiwan, with a market share of more than 90% in Taiwan. In 1992, Youheng began to invest and build factories in Tianjin. Tianjin evergreen packaging and printing equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, specializing in the development and manufacture of printing and packaging equipment. At present, Tianjin evergreen company has more than 300 employees, covering an area of 35000 square meters. As one of the largest post press equipment manufacturers in China, EVA continues to expand product performance and improve after-sales service. Our products not only occupy the domestic market, but also are exported to Europe, North America, Australia and other Asian countries

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