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China's packaging machinery has set off a "low-carbon wind" by playing the "environmental protection brand"

no matter how good and high-quality products you produce, if you do not add the concept of environmental protection, even if the enterprise has immediate interests, it is impossible to have long-term development. Not long ago, the boss of a packaging and printing enterprise said. In fact, the boss's words also represent the aspirations of the vast majority of packaging and printing enterprises. In the long-term practice of enterprise development, they realized that they should not only develop enterprises, but also save energy and resources; There should be both economic and social benefits

based on this understanding, packaging and printing enterprises should innovate ideas and focus on environmental protection in the research and development of new products. Enterprises need to give full consideration to society in product development, but in terms of industrialization quality, they focus on the fundamental theme of green packaging. The developed packaging materials can be recycled, recycled or degraded, and have no impact on human body and environment in the whole life cycle of the products. On the premise that the products meet the packaging functionality, they should try to reduce the amount of garbage, so as to show that the packaging film and materials are lightweight Thin film development

the prohibition of the use of EPS foamed plastic liners has forced Chinese enterprises to eliminate foamed plastics in the packaging of exported household appliances and use environmental friendly liners such as honeycomb paperboard. According to the person in charge of an enterprise specializing in the production line of honeycomb paperboard in Zhejiang Province, the surface of honeycomb paperboard is wiped clean and coated with a thin layer of mechanical oil by improving the voltage to the rated value. The paperboard is an environmental protection and energy-saving material with a new sandwich structure composed of high-strength honeycomb paper core and various high-strength kraft paper. It has the advantages of low cost, less materials, sound absorption and heat insulation, high strength, good impact resistance and so on. Honeycomb paperboard is made of recycled paper, which can replace wood and can be recycled after use

it is understood that for a long time, China's packaging machinery products have few varieties, low technical level and poor product reliability, and have no advantages in the international market. More than 80% of processing and packaging equipment are imported. At present, China is facing the tasks of developing deep processing of agricultural products, building a conservation oriented society, developing circular economy and so on. The market of packaging machinery products is very broad. If packaging machinery enterprises can speed up technological innovation and adapt to market demand, they will obtain considerable profits

in the fierce market competition, more than 100 packaging and printing enterprises do not hesitate to increase equipment and technology investment, play the environmental protection brand, and lead the development of the industry with high-quality environmental protection products, highlighting that packaging and printing enterprises do not forget the spirit of society while developing enterprises and increasing investment attraction

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