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Packaging innovation under the multiple considerations of personality should not be forgotten

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core tip: packaging creativity is not fantasy, but creativity is practical, creativity is feasible, creativity is between vision and comfort

[China Packaging News] packaging creativity is not whimsical, but the creativity is practical, the creativity is feasible, and the creativity is between vision and comfort


no matter how powerful the function after packaging is, we still need the safety function of packaging, which is undoubtedly important as the starting point of packaging

from the aspects of transportation, classification, anti-counterfeiting and so on, the safety of packaging has been repeatedly considered. Packaging can play an important role in reducing transportation safety risks, and can also prevent food from being classified into other commodities. Food packaging can also reduce the possibility of food being eaten secretly. Some food packages are strong and have anti-counterfeiting marks, which are used to protect the interests of businesses from losses

in addition, the packaging bag can have laser marks, special colors, SMS authentication and other labels. In order to prevent theft, retailers pasted electronic monitoring labels on food packaging bags, and consumers took them to the outlet of the store for degaussing

collection degree

nowadays, with the increasingly wonderful packaging, in addition to being attached to the added value of the product, the packaging is also increasingly having collection value, which is particularly evident in wine packaging, especially ceramic wine bags

compared with wine bottles made of glass and other materials, ceramic wine bottles, as a national tradition, are packaged, together with inscriptions from scholars of previous dynasties, which endow ceramic wine bottles with profound cultural heritage and add many characteristics required for collection

however, wine packaging has requirements for the cost of ceramic wine bottles, and the excessive cost is obviously a free landing of steel balls that buyers can't afford. Compared with the ceramic wine bottle collection market, the demand for ordinary wine packaging is greater, and the demand of the collection market is difficult to meet the normal operation needs of ceramic wine bottle manufacturers

how to measure the completion of collection and packaging value is also a consideration of two aspects

personalization and practicality

nowadays in 2015, personalized customized packaging has undoubtedly become a hot topic in the industry. As for how to cool down after the packaging is hot, there are two theories

before, after di2 For the safety of operators, after etcoke (diet coke) and absolut (absolute vodka), budlight, a brand of Budweiser InBev, the world's largest brewer, recently joined the trend of personalized bottling, just to win the favor of young people

the young consumer market is strongly recognized

in the process of adaptation, the trend of small batch and personalized labels is prominent. In order to adapt to this change, label printing enterprises are actively looking for solutions, which provides an opportunity for digital printing technology to show their skills. Similarly, personalized hot stamping technology has also attracted attention

subsequently, the problems of two high-performance 3D printing wires have also surfaced. Problems that are difficult to unify under personality, such as safety problems and procedural rules, continue to plague consumers and manufacturers. How to grasp an appropriate degree in personalized customization has become the top priority of new problems nowadays

innovative materials for engine utilization and door structure

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