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East China Jiaotong University: large-scale scientific research equipment "bidding + bidding"

establish an incentive mechanism to solve the problem of repeated purchase and idle of scientific research equipment

East China Jiaotong University: large-scale scientific research equipment "bidding + bidding"

how the funds for large-scale scientific research equipment are allocated and used more efficiently under the pressure of environmental challenges is a common problem faced by the development of colleges and universities. Recently, a bidding list of large-scale scientific research equipment funds from East China Jiaotong University was "bright": the company invested 10.1733 million yuan to purchase large-scale scientific research equipment. After three years, the company will work closely with the national composite center of the United Kingdom. It is estimated that there will be 125 million yuan of scientific research output, with an investment return of 1230%

it is learned that the planning of scientific research equipment is still a new business in Colleges and universities in Jiangxi Province. East China Jiaotong University boldly promotes the allocation of large-scale scientific research equipment funds by competitive bidding. The applicant takes the scientific research platform as the unit to participate in the bidding. The purchase price of the applied large-scale scientific research equipment to jointly cultivate the R & D team is not less than 200000 yuan. The key to the success of the bidding depends on the bidding value, that is, the input-output ratio. The purpose is to establish an incentive mechanism to maximize the investment benefits of scientific research equipment

according to the introduction, the bidding value is set by the applicant. After the successful bidding, the applicant will sign a target certificate with the school and accept the assessment with a target cycle of 3 years. During the period, the scientific research funds obtained by the winning bidder are calculated into the account (contract) amount in a step-by-step manner according to the project level, up to 1:6, and the scientific and technological awards and scientific research papers obtained can also be converted into the completion of bidding tasks and included into the account amount. If you fail to complete the bidding task within the period, you will be punished

among the 12 scientific research platforms that won the bid in the first batch, Shen Mingxue, the person in charge of the application from Jiangxi rail transit key materials engineering center, applied for a Nano Indenter of 600000 yuan with the highest bidding value of 7.16. According to the bidding rules, three years later, the amount of scientific research funds recorded (contract) between him and the other two applicants on the same platform should reach 12.888 million yuan, and the working conditions of the experimental machine should be changed by more than yuan before the bidding task is completed

"if the bidding value is set low, I'm afraid it won't go up. This time, we set the scientific research actual situation of the three people to 7.16, which is indeed stressful, but more motivated." Shen Mingxue said that in the initial stage of scientific research, equipment is very important. This bidding method launched by the university provides more development opportunities for young doctors like him

the lack of planning and demonstration in the purchase of scientific research equipment leads to repeated purchase, idle equipment, less input and output, and many other phenomena, which restrict the development of scientific research and the improvement of competitiveness of the University. How to innovate "unlock"? On the basis of a lot of research and full discussion, it took more than 8 months to revise more than 20 drafts repeatedly, and the plan for large-scale scientific research equipment of East China Jiaotong University (2018-2020) was published and put into practice

"in addition to 'bidding', we also launched the purchase of equipment 'patchwork', encouraging faculty and schools to jointly build, and encouraging school enterprises to jointly build. Only by buying the desired advanced equipment in advance can we better carry out scientific research." Xu yichai, director of the school asset management office, said

Shen Mingxue also participated in the "platter" purchase of equipment. He "paid" 275000 yuan from his own research start-up funds and project funds, and the other half of the school's equivalent subsidy. He applied for a 3D profiler, totaling 550000 yuan, and became the first "crab eater" of the new policy

"the original budget was to buy a device of more than 200000 yuan to make do with it. Now we can buy better and more advanced scientific research equipment, and we have more energy to do scientific research!" Shen Ming theory

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